SolidInvoice is a complete invoicing application which provides features to manage client, create quotes or estimates, send invoices and accept online payments.

Client Management

Manage every aspect of your clients and keep track of all their information.

SolidInvoice makes it easy to ensure all your client info is up to date and get a detailed overview of evert part of your clients information.

Client Management
Invoices and Quotes

Send Invoices and Quotes

The core of SolidInvoice lets you bill your clients and receive payments for your invoices.

Send your clients estimates or send them invoices to receive payments. With SolidInvoice, you can manage your invoice workflow easily and ensure you are always paid on time.

Multiple Currencies

With SolidInvoice's support for multiple currencies, you can choose which currency you want to bill your clients in.

You can assign a currency to a specific client, or use a global currency, which means that you can easily get paid and manage your invoices no matter where your clients are based.

Recurring Invoices

The perfect solution to invoice for subscriptions or any recurring products or services.

With recurring invoices, you can set a schedule and forget about it. Your clients will automatically receive a new invoice based on the schedule you defined.

Accept online payments
through a variety of gateways

Payment integration makes it easy for your clients to pay invoices. Receive payments through a variety of gateways

  • Offline Payments
    (Cash / Credit / Bank Transfer)
  • PayPal Express
  • PayPal Pro
  • Stripe Checkout
  • Stripe JS
  • Klarna Invoice
  • Klarna Checkout
  • Be2bill Offsite
  • Be2bill Direct
  • AuthorizeNET AIM
  • Payex

Powerful API

SolidInvoice provides a powerful API which can be used to integrate any existing application or process.

The secure API gives you the flexibility to manage your clients and invoices from any integration. You can also integrate SolidInvoice into any existing process so that you can bill your clients with ease.

Whether you are using a time-tracking application or a support system, hook it easily into SolidInvoice to bill clients for time spent.

Multiple Users

Each member of your team can have access to manage clients or send invoices.

You can create unique user accounts to access SolidInvoice and manage different aspects of your invoicing process. Each user account can have separate API access, make it easy to create or revoke access.

Open Source

SolidInvoice is complete free, open source software, giving you the freedom and flexibility to host it on your own infrastructure.

If you prefer to have your billing solution hosted on-site, on your own servers, then you can download and install SolidInvoice without any charge.

All Features

  • Create Clients
  • Create multiple contacts per client
  • Add multiple contact details for each contact
  • Add multiple addresses per client
  • Manage credit for each client
  • Assign currencies specific to clients
  • Create draft estimates and invoices
  • Email estimates and invoices to clients
  • Download PDF quotes and invoices
  • Add percentage or monetary discount to invoice and quotes
  • Add tax to invoice items
  • Manage multiple tax rates
  • Configure multiple payment gateways
  • Accept online payments
  • Schedule recurring invoices